Pharmaceutical, industry Sergio Dompé – Italian Encyclopedia – VII Appendix.

In the structure of contemporary economic systems, the pharmaceutical industry has a strategic centrality, which should involve the social effects of a sector which is one of the most advanced frontiers of enterprise and knowledge.  It plays a key role in improving people’s physical and social well-being. This research-intensive manufacturing sector is undergoing rapid change as a result of the evolution of scientific knowledge, the economy, and society in general, but also due to an increase in the complexity of the pharmaceutical system itself, due to changes in both production processes and research models. Biotechnologies have fundamental importance within this system, from an industrial and scientific point of view, and constitutes the sector with the highest growth potential in the international economy.


Medical, cosmetics, early childhood, packaging.

These are just some of the sectors where, in the workplace, it is now necessary to protect, in a modern way, the health of our fellow workers. Hygiene, sanitization, the distance between people, the cleanliness of the work environment, the reduction of physical effort, and the elimination of mechanical equipment have become of fundamental importance.

Our magnetic anchoring systems for quick mold change on both horizontal and vertical presses are particularly suitable for cleanroom applications and where extreme cleanliness and hygiene are required.

The mold change can be performed with one operator instead of two, increasing health safety and reducing physical effort, avoiding the proximity and contact between several people.

The elimination of traditional fasteners, by virtue of a permanent magnetic platen that anchors completely the entire surface of the mold, promotes the performance of the process ensuring a better quality of the molded product, also ensuring greater temperature uniformity where necessary.

The magnetic systems are guaranteed to operate up to 240°c in continuous duty; available in a magnetic version or with integrated heating.

Finally, Rivi Magnetics systems can be equipped with a remote connection of the system, reducing the time and costs of service and maintenance. Through this service it is not necessary to go directly to the customer in case of problems, reducing the health risks for the operators.

Hygienic, Minimal, Simplified Management

  • Absence of instrumental equipment (keys, screwdrivers, etc.)
  • Absence of mechanical equipment (screws, nuts, brackets etc.)
  • Reduced warehouses
  • Quick mold change independently, without the need for a second support operator
  • No noise
  • More safety for operators
  • Clean and tidy working area for optimal operation.


  • Rapidity and flexibility in mold changing
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of service intervention time


  • Use of the entire surface, optimizing the maximum available area of the worktop.
  • Safe systems
  • Interconnected systems
  • Teleservice
  • Collection and recording of functional data

The answer Rivi Magnetics is a magnetic system for clamping molds on presses and injection and/or compression machines as it is: