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We differentiate ourselves on the market thanks to our high technical standards, to our well-known reliability and to the flexibility which allows us to develop complex customized solutions.


Our professional technicians work synergically with our specialized departments (Technical Department, R&D, Production and Assembly) to develop the best solution to any of your problems, including your tight delivery schedule.


We have a reliable after-sales service, as well as we guarantee the long life of our products. We pay attention to personal relations, proud of our excellent interpersonal skills.


We build targeted solutions and design bespoke systems based on the actual needs of the client by focusing our attention to fully understanding each and every request.


A distribution and support network extending to the German, British and US markets in terms of anchoring systems for plastic and rubber, thanks to the valuable sales and technical partnership with Roemheld group.

Application areas

M-Tecs P is a magnetic system for the quick clamping of thermoplastic molds. It can be installed on any type of injection machine operating at a temperature of up to 120°C (up to 240°C upon request). Through its three possible pole configurations (long, square, and combined), the magnetic force generated by the system is directed inside the mold to create extremely high clamping forces, even in small molds. Since the magnetic field is uniformly distributed throughout the surface, adhesion between plate and mold is perfect and complete, which significantly reduces production discards.

M-Tecs R is a patented magnetic system for the quick clamping of molds in injection machine, compression and transfer presses, both vertical and horizontal. Available in 2 versions: magnetic plates and magnetic plates with heating elements integrated.

H-Tecs R is a complete line of heating plates with guaranteed ΔT of ±2° to 5°C, as measured at a distance of 50 mm from the outer edge.

M-Tecs T permanent magnetic plates are used for clamping buffers to presses and molds for tile forming, in the historical ceramics sector where Rivi Magnetics boasts an excellent reputation. The plates are available in a range of shapes and sizes to satisfy all kinds of applications.

Control Units:
the brain of the system

All Rivi Magnetic’s systems are managed by an innovative electronic control unit that meets EN 201 and EN 289 standards. The control units were designed conservatively to ensure safety by providing PLs that are sufficient for each function offered (as per EN13849-1). Reliability is much better than the level required by these stringent standards.

• MØC Smart
For use on small and medium-tonnage presses, in full compliance with safety standards and with special attention paid to containing costs

• M1C Right
For use on small and medium-tonnage presses, in full compliance with safety regulations. A number of normally optional accessories are already included, along with a sophisticated user interface

• M2C Master
For use with all sizes of presses, in full compliance with safety standards. A complete array of optional accessories is already included, along with an enhanced user interface

  • Fully meets all the latest requirements and standards
  • Easily configured using a dedicated software application
  • Highly versatile, adaptable equipment
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Enhanced Help Desk: Just-in-Time diagnostics of system status

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